Cyber Security Consultant

Skills Required to become a Successful Cyber Security Consultant

Every project within this field of study requires specialized demands on the security experts. The following list is a general idea of what employers are looking for from cyber security professionals.

  1. Penetration testing as well as measuring the vulnerability rating of cyber programs and software that a particular company uses.
  2. Firewall safety and management, including backups and fail safe features, as well as breach detecting and preventing protocols.
  3. Knowledge of advanced persistent threat management, including phishing, as well as social engineering and network access control.
  4. Encryption techniques and capabilities. Being able to send and receive data over the internet without succumbing to hacking attacks.
  5. Programming languages used for the storage and processing of raw data. The more languages you are familiar with the better.
  6. Familiarity with various operating systems. Windows, Linus, UNIX and other systems still in development or available to the public.
  7. Principles of ethical hacking and coding practices. Working knowledge of threat modelling and configuration.
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