Category 8 cabling

Category 8 cabling is designed to operate at 2 GHz, and if someone is not familiar with the installation and testing of shielded cable, now is a good time to start learning. The good news for installers is that Category 8 systems will use the familiar RJ45 connector. Although the application is intended to be a 24-meter permanent link with two equipment cables (3 meters) at each end, the standard will also include some downgrading factors for equipment cables of different lengths.

Obviously, this cabling system needs to be field tested. This is why the ANSI / TIA-1183-1 standard, which defines the measurement and testing methods for category 8 laboratory testing, was approved. This paved the way for category 8 field testing standards. Current TIA-1152 field testing standards, which support the TIA 568 series of standards, included an 1152-A version for 2G field testing - 2G refers to the level of accuracy and is named after the need to test the category. 8 to 2 GHz.

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