Comptia cloud Plus

Today’s modern organization heavily relies on IT and the services that technology provides. With so many companies moving to the cloud, the cloud engineer must understand the language of business. This means improving communication skills, becoming more involved in business meetings and understanding where technology can resolve business issues. Business and technology are forever intertwined. If you only know technology, your job prospects may be limited. However, if you understand where your organization is going, where cloud can help, and how you can deploy it, you can make a directly positive business impact. Aside from better understanding your own organization, cloud architects must also evolve their project management skills. Because there are so many technologies involved, it’s important to understand where each piece fits and how the entire cloud deployment process can be properly controlled.  

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Understand the logical and physical. Cloud engineers must understand a breadth of different technologies and platforms. Yes, there will still be experts within various areas, but the true architect has to understand many base technological theories. This includes storage, networking, compute, user management, open-source solutions, security, virtualization, optimization options, application/services delivery, and much more. Cloud computing is not one product. Rather, it is a combination of key technologies which all work together to bring data and resources down to the end user. And so, cloud engineers can have specific areas of expertise, but they should always retain the knowledge of how their world, interconnects with the rest of the cloud.
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