CompTIA Project

Risk acceptance means acknowledging that the risk exists (and that you could well be affected by it) and then choosing to do nothing further about it. The fact that the risk exists does not mean that you will be affected by it, but only that you realize the possibility you could is genuine.

Quite often, this is the choice that you make when the cost of implementing any of the other choices exceeds the value of any harm that could occur if the risk comes to realization. To truly qualify as acceptance, it cannot be a risk that you are not aware of.

You must be fully away of it and understand the potential cost/damage and make an informed decision to accept it. Every firm and every project has a different level of risk tolerance/appetite that they are willing to contend with.

CompTIA Project+ verifies the understanding and expertise of specialists in project management. It confirms the capability to initiate, manage and maintain a project or business advantage. It is not just for IT professionals instead it is taken up by any individual who wishes to showcase their talent in the different companies including telecom businesses.
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