Computer Engineering

One of the more difficult cyber security challenges lies in maintaining business functionality in the event of an attack or breach. As we discussed above, a severe attack can bring everything grinding to a painfully expensive halt. Your business could suffer from excessive system downtime, or data loss. You need to minimise this downtime and loss of functionality within your business. In order to avoid this critical loss of functionality, there are a few strategies you can implement.

Firstly, every business should have an up-to-date business continuity plan. A solid business continuity plan will provide you with a set of steps to take following a cyber incident to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Secondly, backups and disaster recovery are your friend. Ensure that you have regular backups scheduled for your system (either to a local, or cloud-based server). Backups should always be tested! It’s no good to you if you try to restore from backup, only to find the last month worth of data isn’t there.

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Lastly, and this is not an accessible option for every business, but redundant infrastructure is also going to be your lifesaver here. In the event of a serious cyber attack that puts your whole system out of action; a redundant server exists to take over in the immediate aftermath of said failure.
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