IT Analysts

  • Responsible for giving direction and being the CSV lead on project teams to ensure the entire validation documentation lifecycle and activities adhere to procedures and regulatory requirements
  • Provide guidance to the IT Organization and project teams on requirements analysis, risk assessments and validation activities
  • Oversee the development of testing protocols/validation protocols including integration and regression testing
  • Advise projects teams on validation scope and risk to ensure the validation approach is driven by risk
  • Lead process improvement projects related to regulatory compliance within the IT Organization.
  • Participate in system requirements gathering/authoring and coordinate validation activities within project teams
  • Ensure IT controls (i.e., Configuration/Change Management, Security/Access Management, Supplier Management, Backup and Restore, etc.) are in place to support the implementation and support/maintenance of validated systems
  • Provide validation training to Project Teams and the IT Organization

An analyst performs a number of tasks related to understanding and disseminating information from the field. A large part of an analyst's job is to assimilate various sources of information into clear and concise summary reports. CIA analysts may also:

  • Develop novel approaches to analysis
  • Track international organized crimes and narcotics trafficking
  • Analyze weapons systems
  • Follow developments in countries around the world to assess the risk of war
  • Analyze economic trends both in the US and abroad
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