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IT roles are anything but static given the dynamic natures of technology innovation and the global business environment. Digital transformation, the AI craze and organizations' increasing reliance on cloud environments all require collaborative relationships between the business and IT. As a result, some of the newer IT roles sound a lot like business roles.

Dave Gartenberg, chief HR officer at professional services firm Avanade whose career began in IT, anticipates a continued bifurcation of IT talent, with very technical resources on one end of the spectrum and "translators" that bridge the gap between the business and IT on the other. While the IT function has necessarily become more business-sensitive than it once was, some of the new IT titles, such as customer experience and workforce experience even sound business-like.

"IT professionals have historically been order-takers, the geeky guys that light things up because they can," said Gartenberg. "The emerging roles are not like anything we've seen in the past because they require different muscles."

Individuals who want to distinguish their careers need to understand the capabilities and limitations of various technologies, their company's business strategy, and how to apply technology to achieve a desired business result.

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"This whole move to customer experience and workplace, and issues around data and ethics were there 10 years ago, but no one was paying attention, so I think certain trends will continue to become more prominent," said Gartenberg. "I think we're going to see the IT function continue to be a much more critical driver of not just efficiency but achieving competitive advantage and strategy."
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