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future-proofed IT career

How do you prepare for an IT career that may not exist yet? How can you make sure you learn the right computer science skills? What’s hot in computer engineering right now? Find out in our global guide to the future of IT.

You may have noticed that the global financial crisis slashed job opportunities in almost every industry. But information technology has escaped the crisis remarkably well. In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics July 2009 survey showed that the number of computer systems design and services jobs actually increased over the previous year. In fact, tech-industry careers website believes there are 400,000 technical jobs remaining unfilled in the USA right now.

And it’s not just happening in the US or UK – in India, the rush to outsource technology jobs is creating unprecedented opportunities for IT graduates, especially in services and maintenance.

The truth is, technology has changed the way we live to such an extent that it has become the centre of our social and economic lives. And that means that in the future, basic IT skills will be essential for just about every employee.

But how can you, as a globally-educated IT student, prepare for success in the next decade? We asked the IT experts for five ways to make the most of your computing skills.

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