Linux System Administrator

The Linux system administrator responsibilities play a pivotal role in the organization, as he/she is responsible for executing some major duties. The duties comprise installing the server system, doing configuration updating, operating and maintaining the system hardware as well as software, managing the failures in the system, etc. This professional also needs to troubleshoot and maintain the servers, the user accounts, security, etc., and is also responsible for managing the disk space as well as the back up. He/she is accountable for changing the contents of the file or its attributes like its ownership or permission and can delete any file even if it is write-protected. He/she resets new passwords and constantly monitors the special services and security of the servers as well.

Key Responsibilities

The Linux system administrators are responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining the Linux servers and workstations. They are responsible for maintaining the network environment as well as the health of the network and servers. They make sure that they provide solutions by complying with the security standards of the company. They support the requests of the users and solve any problems related with the Linux servers and workstations. They are involved in setting up and configuring new systems, installing and maintaining the application software and coordinating the networking connectivity. They remain updated with the current knowledge in Linux system and are responsible for evaluating the hardware and software technologies. Let us now review in detail the key responsibilities that need to be taken care of by a Linux system administrator:
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