NOC Technician

How would you explain what TCP/IP is?

TCP is a Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol that controls the establishing of connections between computers. In other words it act as the highway for data packets being sent back and forth used by various Protocols like HTTP or FTP. In addition, TCP also deals with sorting out data packet receive order.

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Can you explain what VLAN is?

At the data link layer of OSI model, Virtual LAN (Local Area Network) is typically setup in broadcasting domain environments in which it can act as an additional network that is attached to physical. Meaning, that this network is actually virtual for the purpose of keeping different aspect of various applications separate from physical network. For example; physical network can have multiple switches with hosts attached that form multiple physical networks; in this case, using VLAN (software) you can group all hosts attached to multiple switches and create one standalone network.

Would you consider yourself as a team player?

When working as NOC Technician you will spend time working with other employees and teams that will require your to be a good team player. If needed provide an example of a project completed along side coworkers.
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