NOC Technicians

NOC (Network operations center ) Engineer normally works on Network incidents. More and more engineers are being placed in infrastructure services and Networking in one of the highest paying field in infrastructure services. Network engineers are further divided into many expertise (Data-network, Voice-network, Security, cloud-network, data-center network, designing network etc etc). You have to keep yourself updated with latest technology and biggest player in network infra is Cisco.

Know more: what is NOC?

Salary increase with experience and it will be bit less during 1–4 years but after that it will pay you better than most of other IT fields. On-site opportunities are more as you interact directly with clients. You may keep working on technology as many years you want and this is one of few fields where you will earn more that your managers. You may work as architect or consultant after more than 10 years of experience in-case you doesn’t like to be manager but still earning 2–3 times more that regular managers. With digital India in our PM’s mind its scope will drastically increase so if you are already working as NOC engineer you are on right part.

Only cons I may find in this job is less pay initially and working in shift and holidays in initial years of your career.
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