PBX Operator

What benefits does a Hosted PBX offer?

Against traditional telephone service or the purchase of an office telephone system, a Hosted PBX has a number of advantages that must be taken into account:

- Initial cost savings - You will not have to make a large initial investment for the purchase of an office telephone system. With a Hosted PBX solution your entire communications system is operated by your service provider.

- Long-term cost savings - In addition to the savings in installation and maintenance costs , the monthly costs of a Hosted PBX (also called virtual switchboard ) is much lower than that of other types of IP exchanges , so, in the long term term, also supposes an important saving for the expenses of his company.

- Geographical flexibility - Employees can work from anywhere in the world, always being connected to their IP telephone system and without increasing costs. Your employees can work from home, in other offices, mobile phones and even abroad.

- Local Presence - A Hosted PBX allows you to obtain local virtual numbers in cities where you do not have a physical presence so you will have a virtual presence.

- Credibility - A virtual operator, waiting music, efficient call attention ... All this substantially improves the image of the company for its customers and suppliers. These small prohibitive details for a small business for its cost, are acceptable with a Hosted PBX improving the image of your company and increasing the credibility of your business.

- Scalability - traditional telephone systems are limited by the number of users that can handle, as well as the number of lines that have been purchased from the local telephone company. Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as you need them to.

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