SLA Based

We enable network deployment services effectively and cost efficiently for all types of mobile communication services. We are involved with installation and commissioning of active and passive infrastructure, supported by proven processes and excellence in operations. We carry out audits at regular intervals and address non-compliance with urgent attention. Our services Telecom SLA Based Services also include many features.

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SLA based services are services that are based on a service level agreement (SLA). This is a contract between a service provider and the end user that sets out the level of service that the service provider is expected to offer. They define what the customer is going to receive in exchange for their money, although not how the service will be delivered.

An SLA should include a number of different things. It might feature a description of the service, when the service will be available and how quickly it will be delivered when it's needed. The agreement could also include how performance will be measured and how problems can be reported, as well as escape clauses and constraints.
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