SLA Based Services

How can you efficiently manage SLAs? 

You can do a lot with SLAs and keeping track of them has sometimes been a job within itself. That’s why many B2B (business-to-business) companies are looking to simplify the management of these SLAs by utilizing new capabilities found within customer support software solutions. Some key features to look for in an efficient SLA management solution include…

General customization – Find a solution that allows you to set up SLAs similar to how you have them structured in your agreements. Don’t settle for a rigid system that makes you try to fit a square peg into a round hole

Pause capabilities – It’s common for companies to agree to not enforce SLAs on certain days such as weekends or holidays. This is a common usage of “pausing” SLAs so violations don’t erroneously occur

Customized hours – This is ideal to have in place when agents work across different time zones and different sets of business hours. There’s no need to keep agents up late responding to low priority tickets just to meet SLAs

Product specific options – Some products are more critical to customers than others for operating their business. A software solution that allows for creating different SLAs based on unique products can be crucial in prioritizing agent time

Displaying violations – It’s important to see exactly how often agreements are not being met. Make sure your SLA solution can report on violations and ideally go into detail about these violations at the company or customer level

SLA cloning – Maybe you need to create a new SLA with just a small tweak to an existing one. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, choose a solution that has a "clone SLA" feature to simplify the process

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