Software Defined WAN


The acronym SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network and is an application of software-defined networks (SDN). The main objectives of SD-WAN are to simplify, control and automate the implementation and administration of the network. The ability to reduce costs and allow greater network agility with various WAN links is a hallmark SD-WAN.

SD-WAN manages network connections for business branches, data centers and cloud / SaaS services. SD-WAN creates a network overlay that abstracts the network hardware and transport characteristics of applications that use the network. This provides optimal application performance.

SD-WAN features

The research firm Gartner has defined an SD-WAN with four required characteristics:
  • The ability to support multiple types of connection, such as MPLS, frame relay and LTE wireless communications with greater capacity.
  • The ability to make a dynamic selection of routes, in order to share load and resistance.
  • A simple interface that is easy to configure and manage
  • The ability to support VPN and third-party services, such as WAN optimization controllers, firewalls and web gateways.
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