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The cybersecurity experts identified that for every passing second an average of four scalable malware is making way to the market in 2019.

This puts a strain on the organizations to protect their IT infrastructure from the illicit and malicious attacks. 

Experts are raising caution!

2019 would be a year of monstrous growth of cybercrime and they must prep their cybersecurity teams and cyber security in India to combat the hyper-connected cybercriminals.

It is a challenging time for cybersecurity experts. Engulfed by sophisticated cyber attacks, we must take a moment and redefine what is cyber security and also understand the scope of Cyber Security.

Explaining What is Cyber Security?
It was 1988 when Robert Morris Jr. wrote a piece of code to assess how big the internet was.

This program propagated from computer to computer and sent a signal back to the controlling computer that was keeping a count. This naïve attempt was called DDoS cyber attack.  

The glossary of cyber attacks has grown since then.

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While the aim still remains to access and destroy sensitive information, the intent is to disrupt the business operations or lead extortions.
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